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With its sleek edges, thin lines, and curvy body, this machine is one of the best on the market. Its dark color and shiny black hardware make this item one to be fought over. It is, of course, obvious that I can only be talking about one thing. What I happen to be talking about is my ESP electric guitar.

The way everything fits together on this guitar is amazing. Everything from the hand crafted mahogany body to the machined Grover tuning pegs. Everything works together to give the guitar its beauty and sound.

To understand the magnitude of beauty that surrounds this guitar one must first understand the complex inner workings of the guitar. This guitar comes standard with EMG guitar pickups, the top of the line in today's market. These pickups feature what is called an "active equalizer". This means that inside both of the pickups there is a tiny microchip that cleans up the sound of the guitar as it comes in.

Contrary to normal electric guitar pickups, these amplify the sound and the overall tone of the guitar. Without these little additions, this guitar would be thrown into the same category as all the other average guitars in the world.

The next best thing about this guitar is the looks. This guitar shines out like a ruby in a pile of diamonds. This guitar comes equipped with a transparent black paintjob, combined with a flamed maple wood top. These two features make this guitar scream quality. The flamed maple wood top provides a scallop looking pattern in the paint. ESP also made this guitar with a matching headstock. This means that the body of the guitar and the head of the guitar have the exact same paint pattern. This paintjob, mixed together with the...