Descriptive essay: The Broken Leash

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The Broken Leash

Do you know a vicious dog in your neighborhood? Isn't he always tied up? What happens when he gets off the leash? Everyone in his or her life one time or another has seen a neighbor's ferocious dog off the leash wandering. It's another day at the basketball court, neighborhood guys reunited for a couple of pickup games. The bright sun beamed downs and heated up the pavement and the wind is dead. The pickup games have already started. Here comes the fresh water, the one that players sucked down like vampires drinking blood. Out the corner of one of the basketball player's eyes he saw a dog. This mysterious dog stood no less than ten feet away. Not any dog, one of the most feared dogs ever, the Pitbull. Its reputation speaks for itself; Pitbulls have the ability to kill. A Pitbull has muscular jaws that when closed are near impossible to open and they have razor sharp teeth that penetrate steel with ease.

Pitbulls are often unpredictable. They can be friendly, loving, and playful in the presence of its master, but when confronted with a stranger they can turn into a natural born killer. The pointy eared, vicious, brown and black Pitbull set its red and yellow fire like eyes on fresh human meat. The pitbull tasted the sweat and fear of its unlikely prey. As the pitbull saw the movement of his afternoon lunch, its prey, the basketball players also began to contemplate their following actions. Out of fear and stupidy, they broke into a mad dash for their lives.

The chase is on. Since the pitbulls targets had scattered into various directions, he started chasing the most tasty looking human being. The young man is long legged, athletic, and agile.