This was a descriptive essay about a job we have. This essay is what it takes to be an EMT on the firedept.

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The Perfect EMT

Who is it that you call when you have chest pain that feels like a truck is sitting on your chest or when a loved one has collapsed unexpectedly? When you witness or are involved in a major auto accident, what kind of people do you really want to respond? In most cases you would dial 911 and request help. You would want the best the Fire/EMS service has to offer in the area for you or your loved one. You would want the perfect EMT! However, who is this perfect EMT? What qualities do you want this perfect EMT to possess and demonstrate?

The first quality of course would be professionalism. However, what qualities comprise professionalism for an EMT? Professionalism for the perfect EMT would consist of the following qualities; professional appearance, respectful manner, calm demeanor, leadership, and task oriented. The EMT would demonstrate these skills by being confident and controlled in conversation, a person who listens to others yet able to show a level of empathy appropriate for the situation.

This EMT is able to take control of an emergency scene and still be able to give top-notch medical care. Yet, at the same time be able to inspire confidence and trust from other EMS personnel on and off the scene. This persons appearance is neat and clean and inspires a sense of calmness when they step onto a scene.

An example of a crises situation would be an emergency involving children. Being able to arrive on the scene of a 'child choking' call and remain calm when everyone else around you is screaming and shouting takes incredible self-discipline. Knowing that the child who was thrown into your arms as you stepped out of the ambulance will live or die depending upon your actions...