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As my green wolf eel, Moray, hides dormant in his artificial rock cave, the inch long, rosy minnow splashes into the water and is immediately swimming due to the tank’s current, but with a flick of its fin it darts across the top of the water, like a torpedo. As it is swimming around at the top portion of the tank skimming the top of the water my green wolf eel is resting with his head and neck out of the cave. Moray is about a foot long with a lime green color, like the color of seaweed, with white and black leopard like spots covering his entire body except his fins, which is see through and light green also, and his stomach with is light green also. On his narrow head you can see his narrow chameleon like eyes peering around the bottom.

His narrow black eyes can move either one at a time or both at the same time so he can focus on objects when he is turned to the side in his cave.

Moray has a wide grasping mouth, which is always slightly open, and a stomach that could inhale a dump truck. With his oversized lips, especially his bottom lip, he yawns seeming to dislocate his jaws as his mouth seems to lengthen with each moment of his yawn. At first glance it would seem that he is extremely dangerous, although he is calm when it comes to humans. Although it is an entirely different story for minnows. Moray has no teeth so his meals are just swallowed whole. On the side of his gills he has these small fins that are maybe a half-inch in length. He breathes calmly drawing back into his artificial cave.

As the minnow finally begins to drift down towards the bottom of the tank, Moray again pops his head out of the cave and he finally spots the minnow swimming. Unconscious of the eel presence, the minnow is just swimming along picking food out of the bright white reef sand that covers the bottom of the tank about an inch in depth. Moray now uncoils himself out of the ball he was in inside of his cave and moves out towards the back wall of the cave. Fully out of the cave I can now see his whole lime green body and it is waving as he swims like a snake through the water. The full fin goes along the top portion of his upper back around to the tail and still down around to his mid sectionThe minnow is now in the bottom left-hand corner of the tank swimming into the glass trying to find an escape from his death box. Moray now slides around the bottom along the outside front of the cave. He now spots the minnow in his direct sight and pauses for a brief second on the sand with his fins down resting like dead leaves or seaweed. The minnow comes closer to Moray; I suppose he is trying to investigate what else is in the tank with him. This indeed was his fatal flaw. Moray suddenly lunges out and grasps the minnow sideways in his mouth; then, with a quick side to side shake, he swims around with the minnow clutched in his mouth. His full fin is now vibrantly waving and propelling him through the water as he dives down into his cave for the last time to finish his meal away from my roommates and I who have been observing closely the entire time.

Once he swallowed the minnowMoray returns out the cave swimming into the open water looking for another meal although there was none. As he was swimming through the water there is large protruding plump bulge sticking out of his stomach. Realizing about thirty seconds later that there was nothing else he returns into his cave with his head freely hanging out and body coiled up then he lets out a wide yawn. Finally he shrinks back entirely into the artificial rock cave and digests his meal in peace. Again all the waters are calm in my little twelve gallon aquarium in my dorm room. From watching the feeding I can draw that it’s a fish eat fish world. Well at least the ocean and other aquarium where there are hungry fish which is similar in the real world.

Like the minnow, people just roam around living there lives until something bigger or more powerful gets to you. In the real world I highly doubt that you will be eaten, but you could end up getting fired, laid off, sick, or something along that line. In our lives something is bound to happen that is out of our control because we can’t control our destiny. One day we will all experience life or death, where there is death there is new life. Also good and bad because whether we like it or not, there is a circle of life that will affect our lives.