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My Room. My Canvas My room is my favorite place. My first space in this world was a tiny bassinet in St. Elizabeth hospital. Then, an area approximately 30"� x 40"� commonly known as a baby crib. As we all remember, this was a really confined area! We do not have any control over the decor or all the cutesy items hanging on or above the crib.

My parents (like most adults) soon got tired of always picking baby things up in their room. I was starting to outgrow my crib and was always trying to climb out. My parents were very worried of me doing that, so they wanted to give me my own room. That meant we had to move, so we found a house in Lafayette, IN.

Wow! I now have a 9' x 12' room- and we all know the new meanings of life are to be introduced.

Freedom means responsibility and everything has its place so put it there! My first real room had a low bed with no sides on it, dresser for clothes, toy box, shelves for books, and a closet. A nice window that was located to the left let in sunshine and a warm western breeze as you walked in. The room walls were painted yellow and the ceiling white. I had a gray colored carpet that I soon had stains on. My bed had Batman sheets, comforter, and pillowcases. The carpet had a rough feeling on my feet along with my knees. The room itself was filled with the smell of candles (my mom went crazy with them).

As I grew older the window not only reflected the sunshine and let the breeze in, but let me know if I had a day off of school due to snow...