This is a descriptive paper... Its about a young boy trying to rid his fear of thunderstorms... Grade was an A and my instructor was very pleased

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Flash.. Flash... BOOM !! The thunderstorm was so loud it sounds like you are at a NASCAR race and there was a 52 car pile up. A young boy with curly red hair and sparkling hazel eyes is wide awake, to frightened to fall asleep. With each flash of the lightening he grips his little brown teddy bear tighter and tighter. With every crash of the thunder is room becomes scarier and scarier. Tucked in so tight by his father leaving him to feel like a mummified mummy. He can't decide wether or not to keep his head above his Incredible Hulk blanket or hidden beneath it. He looks across the room to see the comfort that allows him to survive the terror. His nightlight shines as bright as the north star. It has a Sponge Bob Square Pants cover for his entertainment. The Sponge Bob figure lets him reminisce on the last episode he had seen to rid his fear of the storm.

Another flash followed by a earthquake in crash, shook the entire house. His autographed picture of the Power Rangers that was hanging beside his bed began to sway back and forth almost falling to the floor. Again he pulled his blanket quickly over his head wishing the storm would soon end. After a moment of silence, the only sound to be heard was the rain violently bouncing off the windows. He looked again across the room this time in a dead stare. His eyes widened, his mouth drop and goose bumps swarmed his body like killer bees. His night like had vanished, disappeared without a trace. The electricity had gone out. His hopes of overcoming his storm phobia had ending. He gave in and the only thing left to do that he could think of was....