Descriptive storytelling of a character's adventure.

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The time of my coming to this world is now long past, the happiness that once was in living and life itself filled me. I was a young elf, in elven years, who was in awe of the power of the unknown and unseen. The energies that flow through all living and dead, existing and not are all around awaiting to be tapped by one skilled in the art of, that which humans call, the Arcane.

The power and secrets I set out to discover and uncover have become all that is me. I am no more, but I shall not speak of that yet. I set out into the world in search of knowledge of this art of the Arcane and found on my path a wise teacher assigned by the gods to guide me in my learning of the world that I now newly stepped into. In his wisdom he could never have foreseen what would happen to his new student whom he joyfully showed the world too.

He taught this young elf all he, in his human life, had learned thus far and sent this young student into the world alone once more with words of warning and advice.

I quickly set out to learn the hidden powers of the Arcane that I had come so accustomed too see in everything but soon discovered it was leading me like a willow'o'wisp i