Descrive the film techniques and thematic ideas which tim burton uses in "Edward Scissorhands" and link them up with the genre of the movie.

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Many people have enjoyed and laughed at the strange tale of Tim Burton's "Edward Scissorhands" but beneath this comedy underlies many more themes and genres which portray the average stereotyped suburban community and . The movie shows the audience how the lives of typical suburban housewives get disturbed by the appearance of someone different. The use of various film techniques allow the audience to see who dominates this social hierarchy of housewives, and ultimately differs the good from the bad.

Tim Burton's unique creative mind has allowed two or more genres to fuse and form "Edward Scissorhands" The traditional features of the gothic genre is shown to a certain extent for example, in the opening scenes the audience sees a gloomy mysterious castle that is surrounded by an atmosphere of mystery and suspense as it is black, foggy and snow falls. This begins to reveal the underlying theme through out the movie.

When the audience is shown Edward's house through the eyes of Avon, an innocent sales representative of a makeup clinic, they see a castle like mansion, with fascinating colourful sculptured hedges. Yet, once inside the house, the audience sees a contrast as it is dark and tranquil. One can assume that Burton is showing the audience how different the outside world is in comparison to Edward's life.

When the audience meets Edward for the first time, he emerges from a dark corner of an empty room, with a ghostly white face in which Avon wastes no time in pampering with her makeup products. Edward is dressed in such a way that reminds the audience of the gothic presences such as a hard black material encaging his upper body, and wild black hair. As Avon stares in shock at Edward's scissor hands, one...