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Title: Desecration Author: Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins Desecration is about the end times, pacifically the last three and a half years of the world. This book is the seventh in a series call left behind. Which is about the time after the rapture and those left behind having to fight for they're servile against the antichrist.

This book begins in the naggers desert they were at a air strip in the desert there was no hiding from the global community but as long as they could county to fool the G.C. they could hide there rebel mission. The tribulation force believed that the antichrist was soon to try to destroy all the believers and those who would not except the mark of loyalty in Israel. Haiti was suppose to meet someone to pick her up in Jerusalem but she did not show up. Buck had gone to see Rosensil and he did no believe that he could do the job that God had commanded him to do and then buck was driven to the floor and was speaking for God and God prove him self Rosenswig.

David went ahead to Petra to set it up for the believers of Israel. Hium and buck had left to go to the speaking of Carpatha. Haiti had been in her hotel room in mitt parmon she was praying and had all the sudden felt a hand on her shoulder. It was Michael the angle (messenger of god) he told her that she was the one who should refute Niclie Carpatha when he was to speak. Mean while Rafrod was talking to Chang Won who worked for the G.C. and conned to the meeting that Capatha was in so he could listen. So they could find out what his plan was. As Raford listened he found out that Leon was in pain some how sick.

Carpata when to Calvary and spoke the crowd cheered and worshipped him as he got out of his vehicle. As he was speaking he was asking all that hadn't got the mark of loyalty at the temple mount. Leon Carpatha's high priest and Carpatha took their place at the top of calvery and Leon start to speak as the sky grew dark and he demonstrated his power. Then Haiti had show up and started to scream at them saying that they were blasphemers"¦ Then Leon pointed at her and fire came from the sky and I gulped her burring her to ashes. The next day the entire G.C. worker that had the mark got boils and rashes. So Rosenswig confronted Carpatha and said that if he let all the Believers, judiets, and Greek orthodox go freely to Petra the plague would be lifted. So Carpatha had no choice but to agree. After every one head to Petra the global committee was already there and Raferd had to kill two of the with the weapons that George had delivered. So that every one could arrive.

Mean while Chloe and be juda were at the safe house in Chicago. Chloe was looking at this red light that had been there for about two weeks she set up her telescope and was watching and as she watch she became even more sure that there was human activity there. So she had Ben juda watch Kenny her son until she got back. She set out into the night to see what was going on as she got close she realize d that there had to be someone in there and there was there were about thirty people they were believers and they wanted to help out with the tribulation force.

While every one was at petra they were about to go to sleep and then there were three bellowing clouds of dust. They were G.C. ground troops and they were about to attach and then Michael the angle showed up an said that God had heard there cry and was going to rescue them from there refuters. And as there G.C. got closer and were almost upon them the ground opened up and showed all of them. And the next thing that happen was they capture Gorge Substastion and is being questioned. They are also about to drop missals over Petra.

Raford- The captain of the tribulation. Force Buck- a member of the trib. Force and assistant of Rosenswig.

Rosenswig- .The man to lead the believers out of Israel Carpatha- The antichrist Leon- Carpatha's high priest Ben juda- the spiritual guide Michael- Gods messenger angle Chloe- Bucks wife and daughter of Raford member of trib. Force Gorge Sabstastion- A helper Chang- There intelligence Haiti- member of trib. Force The conflict was the tribulation force and believers and the G.C. and it has not been resolved.

The setting is the last seven years of the world and it is important because it the antichrist is suppose to arise in this time.

I would recommend this book because it is interesting and exciting. And there is more than one so it is great if you want to read a series.