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If you want epic level story telling with compelling characters go buy Casablanca. If you want guns, girls, death and humor, buy Desperado. Desperado is an exciting sequel to director Robert Rodriguez's "El Mariachi". The action, and special effects keep one glued in until the end.

Desperado takes place in a small town in Mexico. El Mariachi (Antonio Banderas) is out to kill an evil drug lord named Bucho (Joaquim de Almeida) who killed his girlfriend and shot a bullet hole in his hand. El Mariachi hitch hikes his way too a small Mexican town where Bucho is rumored to reside. His friend Buscemi (played by none other then Steve Buscemi) tells him that the Tarasco Bar would be a good place to look for Bucho. El Mariachi goes there and ends up wiping out the whole place after someone finds guns in his guitar case! Robert Rodriguez makes the violence seem so real by properly adding as much blood as possible.

After the gun duel El Mariachi passes out and wakes up in the arms of the sexy, exotic, Carolina (Salma Hayek). Carolina allows the Mariachi to stay there since he was nowhere else to go. The two quickly become very intimate and eventually engage in passionate sex. The love scenes between these two are so intense you feel ashamed to be watching, like you're hiding in the room while they make love. If you don't like the action in the movie the love scene with Carolina will certainly make the movie worth watching.

Moving along, word quickly gets around town that El Mariachi is staying in Carolina's bookstore and Bucho's mob ends up destroying the place. The action sequences keep you glued in throughout the movie. In this particular action sequence El Mariachi and Carolina flee the bookstore by jumping from one roof to another. Mariachi leaps backwards off the building, madly firing his two pistols at gunmen as he falls. He lands on his back on the next roof, jumps right up and kisses the girl. How many guys dream about that stuff? Carolina brings Mariachi to Bucho's residence, where Bucho and his mob have been expecting their arrival.

Interestingly enough, we find out that Bucho is Mariachi's brother. What a surprise! Bucho is infuriated that Mariachi killed many of his men and wants to even the score by killing Mariachi's lover. Mariachi disagrees and kills Bucho, saving his lover.

The movie ends the way it starts, with blood and gore. But that is not a bad thing. Every stunt, every shootout, and every explosion is masterfully shot for maximum intensity and maximum ascetics. Forget "Rambo" this movie is far superior. Desperado has it all, action, blood, romance, vengeance.