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It is one of my best friends, it helps me get from one place to another. It can help relieve anger, stress, sadness, or just help get my mind off something. The friend that I am talking about is my skateboard. In this paper I will describe what it looks like and some what how it is it together. The deck is about thirty inches long and eight inches wide. It is made out of plywood, cut into a pill shape. Eight holes are drilled through the deck for the hardware to go through. Both ends curve up slightly to create both the nose and the tail. This helps to be able to pop the board up so you can do ollies. The sides also curve up slightly to create the concave, but not nearly as much as the nose or tail. This helps to do the many flip tricks in the sport.

On the top of the deck is a sticky material that is just like sand paper. This is called grip tape. This is held to the deck by a glue on the under side of the grip tape. The grip tape helps the board stay to your feet. On the bottom of the deck is usually a picture that has been painted on.

connecting to the deck using four bolts and nuts each are the trucks. these nut and bolts are called the hardware. The trucks hold the main components that enable you to turn and to do grinds. The trucks consisted of six parts. The base plate is directly against the deck. the base plates are molded from a metal that is both light and durable. The king pin witch is pierced through the base plate. Then the first bushing is placed around the bolt and the hanger is placed on top of the first bushing. This is the other casted piece,it is molded from the same metal as the base plate. Through the hanger the axle was molted into the metal. Next the other bushing and finely the nut to keep every thing together. The same is for the second truck. You place the trucks so that the king pins face the in side of the deck, or each other.

Their are four wheels total on a skateboard. The wheels are made form molding urethane. Inserted into both sides of every wheel is a bearing. the bearing is what lets the wheels spin freely. they are made of metal and are a basic sealed ball bearing. To stop the wheels from falling off when you are riding their is a nut at the end of each axle.

These are the main parts that make up a skateboard and how they are put together. Going skateboarding for me can help with some of the problems that are thrown at me in life, this is why it is one of my best friends.