Destiny is Past and Future         As you walk through the

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Destiny is Past and Future As you walk through the park gazing at the moon and stars, you see a human form on a bench. As the figure moves you see the matted newspapers that he is using a blanket. You now see the figure stand and rise to their feet. Then you see it is a middle age man. He calls for you now walking closer. You can't decide to stay and talk or to casually walk away. As you think you decide to find out what the man wants. He asks you for some food or money. You respond with a reluctant nod. He now asks you how it feels to have a home.

The homeless man offers you a story for some small money compensation so you agree to his request. As he walks you over to his bench he starts to tell you his life aspirations.

He tells you that he once was a great athlete and had scholarships to many major universities for football. He then says that everything that he had wished to become was lost. Surprisingly he then admits blame for all of his faults. Feeling more comfortable with the situation of speaking with a homeless man you ask him if he had always felt like a failure.

He then asks you the same question. You answer with a no. as he replies,"no one ever does until they are there." He then asks you if you ever succeed in things that truly matter in real life. You then respond to him saying that you have never done anything on your own that mattered in life except for school. As you answer he replies with, "as long as you follow your path naturally and not try to make your own you will be fine.