Destruction Drugs Cause

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General Purpose: To show my audience that heroin and cocaine are being abused and the effects they cause the user.

Thesis Statement: People start using drugs recreationally and by the time they realize it, they become addicts.

I. Introduction There are many types of drugs that are being abused by young adults and grown ups. Many start using drugs for recreational purposes, they don't consider the long term effects that using drugs cause.

II. Two lethal drugs being abused cocaine heroin 1. facts about these drugs III. Reasons for usage A. Friends 1. peer pressure 2. being a part of the in crowd 3. the single life B. Family stress at home stress at the job children IV. Effects A. Physical Appearance weight loss uncleanness sores in the body a. abscesses b. tracts c. tweak marks sunken eyes 5. make a person look older B. Family profession income education Medical 1.

Hepatitis A/B & C 2. liver function 3. AIDS 4. death V. Recovery A. Doing it for yourself breaking old patterns staying away from others B. Support medical counseling support groups a. family b. clean friends c. A/A-C/A-N/A d. sponsors VI. Getting back on tract A. counseling B. school C. work D. clean friends VII. Conclusion It is never too late to get the help one needs to get back on the right tract. Just because a person falls into a rut behind using drugs, he or she need not to give up on getting clean.

There are people who can help one kick an addiction. All that is needed is the will to want to get clean and stay that way.