The Destruction of the Rain Forest.

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Everyday, millions of hectares of rain forests gets cleared, for land, fuel, and building materials. Industry is usually at the root of this destruction of one of nature's resources. Land is needed for highways, agriculture, livestock, or to expand a city. Other times the trees themselves are needed by lumber companies of countries that don't have enough forests to meet their countries' demands such as Japan. With the forest disappearing, the natives lose their ways of life, the animals lose their home, and new diseases and illnesses are being stirred up. If Earth is a living organism, we would be the viruses. The destruction of the rain forests can not be ignored any longer; we must act now, and defend the forests that are left!

First of all, some countries clear cut the land with a slash and burn technique to build roads or highways such as the Brazilian superhighway.

This highway stretches to one end of Brazil to the other. However as with many of these roads it leads into the jungle and just ends. Billions and billions of trees and animals are killed for these roads to nowhere for the sake of progress. The slash and burn technique causes the release of massive amount of CO2, which contributes greatly to the Greenhouse effect causing Global Warming. The CO2 that was released rises up into the atmosphere, and block the sunrays that is trying to get out of the atmosphere.

Second, simple farmers have always cleared the land for their crops. This damage is only miniature compared to that of what happens when large plantations are planted. Such companies as Coca-Cola clear hundreds of acres to grow orange crops. These oranges are then sent back to the United States to be used in Minute Maid orange juice. Coca-Cola isn't...