The desturctors

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Protagonist: Usually the main character, and the one whom the reader sympathizes or in some way identifies with. This character is commonly "the good guy".

Antagonist: Usually the opponent of the main character, who in some way prevents or obstructs the protagonists goal in the story. This is often "the bad guy".

Types of characters:

Flat: Not much is known about the character. Reader doesn't usually see this characters thoughts or feelings. Character can be summed up in one or two sentences.

Stereotype: a type of flat character that is commonly found in fiction.

Round: A more complex character. The reader usually sees this characters thoughts and feelings. This type of character usually faces some dilemma.

Dynamic: Any character that changes during the course of the story. Round characters are usually dynamic.

The Destructors

Protagonist: Trevor. Round, dynamic character. He has many parts to his personality, and the reader sees his thoughts and feelings as he tries to complete his plan to destroy the house.

he changes in the story from a timid new member of the gang, to a motivated, driven leader.

Antagonists: Blackie Flat: we see his actions, but not this thoughts and feelings.

Mr. Thomas/Old Misery Flat, but we do see some of his qualities of kindness.

Little Cloud

Protagonist: Little Chandler Round, dynamic: we see his thoughts and actions. He is tired of Dublin, and wants to succeed as a writer. He is also too scared to act on his desires. He faces a dilemma of leaving vs. staying. He changes in the end when he sees the break down of his life, but resigns himself to it.

Antagonists: Gallaher Flat: He is the world traveller, and is arrogant, but shallow. Not a complex character. Serves as the catalyst to...