Detached, a poem of random feelings

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So loved yet so alone,

Want to detach myself from this life,

Happiness surrounds me,

To share the joy a face created

A mask that none will recognize.

A spirit they all take for granted,

Slowly drifting, separating,

Situation stressful, want to end it all,

Metal blade across the wrist,

The only thing that now exists,

Emotional torment released,

Physical pain overrides,

Not this time,

No blood appears,

Getting deeper,

Cover the marks like the emotions.

Nothing is genuine all just the face.

Hiding what people don't want to see.

Back to smiling, laughing, joking,

Flowers blooming, birds are singing,

Together again, always the same,

False joy can't explain,

True thoughts never to be said,

Running through the mind repeatedly

To be alone, so quiet so peaceful

Detachment is worth pursuing.

The silent daze no one notices

Is it for attention?

Alone again,

The blade comes out.

Metal on wrist ends the torture.

The trees are dead all is dark,

Ravens wait to take me away.

I'm still here,

The marks are worse.

A small red stain on my skirt,

Still not deep,

But deep enough,

Next time will be worse.

A choice to make,

Erase your life?

Erase your feelings?

Live a lie trapped in a persona

Do not live, detach further.

No one notices the changes.

Smile fades into frown

Eyes show no emotion,

The blank face is ignored.

All others are above and rising

The coloured birds take them away,

My ravens and I,

We stay in the dead plains.

Shadow follows me.

The dark center of a colourful world.

The blade returns for the last time,

Light reflects the silver metal.

Pressing on pink flesh.

The pain is intense,

So relieving,

Emotions of jealousy fade

More red on my skirt,

The red does not stop.

Not this time,

Ravens surround me,

I can hear their wings,

I am gone.