.A detailed look at the plot and it's inner working it describing reality and perception.

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Memento is a trip of self denial in trying to forget the past and attempting to forge a new future with each day anew. The premise of Memento is the main character, Lenny, is a person who day forgets the events of the past days. To keep from forgetting past events he covers his body with a litany of tattooed reminders, keeps furious notes hurriedly taken while rushing from one moment to the next. The cast of characters in the frame of reference of Lenny is of the utmost importance to illustrate with regard to how the story is told. Each day or moment is told restarted starting from a new perspective to give better insight to the background with the how story came to the conclusion working from the conclusion and working it's way backward to the origin of the movie.

Lenny's background is that he is shifty con artist whose legitimate profession was that he was Insurance Investigator.

In his line of profession he had ran into a person by the name of Sammy, who had the condition of had the condition of forgetting of the day's previous day's events but faked it to seem as to avoid the shame stemming from his condition. Lenny approach to his work was that he preformed the bare minimum and didn't really understand that Sammy was faking it and thought the opposite and concluded that his fake really showed memory function and that his condition could be cured through repetitive exercises for which he denied his wife's claim for insurance reimbursements afforded to her because of his inability to work because of his condition. Lenny denied her that right, by not doing his job correctly.

Lenny's unsavory partnerships led he and his wife to get mugged in his own apartment in...