Details of Homeric Poems, and stories.

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Details of Homeric Poems

The origin of the Homeric poems "The Iliad" and the "Odyssey" are a partial mystery. To recent day knowledge historians know of Homer and that he composed these epic poems. The great mystery of these poems and the poet is that there are no historical implications of whom, and how these poems were composed. Although there isn't information of whom and how, Homer used excellent location and details. The poems in general are masterpieces of Greek literature, but are being used in present day for more then reading and entertainment purposes.

There really is no solid information about Homer. The stories that composed the Iliad and the Odyssey are informal, unwritten orally developed stories (Coolidge 105). It was Homer that added the place locations and details of the based on reality stories. Researchers have studied the origins of Homer and here are two hypotheses as to Homer's background.

The first hypothesis is that Homer lived with Nausicca and her father the King Alcinous. He may be from the island of Scheria. The next hypothesis would be, that in Homer's writhing he spelled his homeland's name backward. This was a form of Solomon, thus Homer was a scholar a king (Brown 1). Although Homer never gave information about his self in his writings, there is information of the place and time he wrote. This was decided upon the details and the usage of actual historical artifacts Homer used in his stories.

Homer's poetry was firmly rooted in the late bronze era (Gill 1). Homer probably lived after around the time of the Trojan War in Chaos or Snyeria (Brown p. 105). He was probably a scholar of history and writing. Homer was realistic in the means of history and civilizations. He had great knowledge of the Mycenaean...