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Crime CommittedOne night (1989) in Arensberg, Emily was making dinner. She went to the washroom to freshen up. By the time she came out, dinner was done. It was already 11:30p.m., so she went to bed. At 1:00 a.m., the alarm went off, but Emily was still asleep. After the suspect accidentally broke the chandelier, Emily woke up and shrieked. She was trying to phone the police, but Jason shoved her. Then he got a bat and badly brutalized her. She got up and threatened the man to leave but he didn’t listen. He took out his pocket knife and threw it at her but it missed. Then he took out his “Swiss Army Knife” and threw it at her. It hit her then he jabbed it into her skin. He wanted to finish the job, so he took out his handgun and shot her. He put her on the main floor’s kitchen.

Then he stole most of her special and rare belongings. Then he stole one of her priceless belongings.

What’s This?4 days later, police arrived at the scene. They broke open the door and stormed into the kitchen. When they looked down, they saw Emily’s dead body and a pool of blood under her. They saw that the chandelier glass splattered on the floor, and broken. The head police officer named George reported the scene to the fellow officers down at the station. He found a pocket knife at the scene and also reported it to his fellow officers. He did not suspect that it was used during the murder because it had no blood on it.

Tragic CrimeThe next morning, crime investigators got to their lab to see who the suspect(s) could be. There were only two suspects. The first suspect’s name was Elizabeth, aged 31.