Detention Facilities and Correction Programs in Sacramento

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Corrections 1Detention Facilities and Correction Programs in SacramentoADJ 225 Juvenile Justice ProceduresJuly 26, 2008Corrections 2Detention Facilities and Correction Programs in SacramentoThe Sacramento County Probation Department is responsible for the background investigation of criminal offenders and the preparation of social history reports for the Sacramento County Superior Courts. As well, the Probation Department operates and maintains the Juvenile Hall and several other juvenile facilities and programs. The Probation Department is also charged with the supervision of adult and juvenile offenders granted probation by the Courts. In furtherance of this responsibility, the Department teams with various law enforcement agencies, schools, community business organizations and the citizens of Sacramento County to form productive partnerships with an underlying goal of public safety (County of Sacramento: Probation Department, 2001). In this essay I will discuss the similarities and differences of the correction programs and facilities here in SacramentoOne of the detention facilities in Sacramento, CA.

is, Carson Creek Boys Ranch, which is located in the foothills fifteen (15) miles east of Sacramento and is commonly known as the Sacramento County Boys Ranch. The Ranch provides a disposition option for Juvenile Court. The Ranch is a secure 125-bed, 24-hour commitment facility designed for older, more sophisticated male wards with a history of serious or extensive delinquent behavior. The mission of the Boys Ranch is development of offender accountability and competency, and community protection. The Program stresses respectability, accountability, and responsibility in order to achieve the Boys Ranch mission. The length of stay for wards committed to the Boys Ranch ranges from 168 days to a maximum of one year. An initial assessment is completed on all commitments. TheCorrections 3wards participate in a behavior modification program that utilizes a level system, which rewards positive behavior with increased program privileges. Wards committed to the Boys Ranch...