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According to the dictionary, determination is defined as the quality of being determined to do or achieve something. While there can be little doubt that this definition is correct, determination goes way beyond what the dictionary defines it as. My perspective of "determination" exceeds the dictionary's by far!

Determination is a player getting up in a basket-ball game when people keep pushing them down. Imagine what it would be like to put forth your best effort, but still get knocked down. Consider the feeling the player must be going through, knowing that they're doing all they can do. Imagine the anger going through their body, the need for revenge, although they just keep pushing, never giving up. What could be worse than knowing that you can do nothing about it?

Determination is a sick hospital patient determined to continue living. Imagine what it's like to be so sick, yet still not give up hope.

Consider the feeling the patient must be going through, knowing that their life is practically on end, but keep pushing to live. Imagine the anger the patient must be feeling that they had to be the one that got sick, and not anyone else? What could be worse than being diagnosed with an illness that you did nothing wrong to receive?

Determination is a student determined to pass a test, although they are certain they have no chance. Imagine what it would be like knowing that every question that you answer could be the one that may allow you to pass. Consider the feeling of nervousness the student is feeling, waiting to know their mark the next day. Imagine what its like to not have the ability to just pass the test like that, but to have to work twice as hard as somebody...