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believe that with determination, anything is possible. Determination is a mindset, and the human mind is a powerful thing. It can hold unlimited knowledge, and can solve any problem. When we put our mind to the test, it achieves great feats, but these feats only come about with one quality, and that quality is determination. Even though it is common, the way people use it is not. It is different for everyone, and what is especially different is the outcome. Determination always starts with a mindset, and mindset is the key, but determination is the lock.

I have shown determination myself, in many aspects of life, but in one particular one I feel that it was not only shown, but rewarded. Determination always rewards itself with the success and progress. The experience I have with it is most represented to me with my 9-10 year old baseball season. I practiced my hardest and always did my best to help with the team.

I pitched the championship game and help my team win by a landslide.

That season started out great, but by the playoffs we had lost three games. One of them being to the number one team, who we thought we would end up playing in the championship. As the playoffs went on though, we found out that the number one team lost out the first round, and they lost because of careless mistakes and errors. They obviously were not determined. Their minds were not focused, but ours were. We made it all the way to the championship, and as the underdogs of the tournament we had even more motivation to continue to the end. We won it by ten runs, and we were all focused and determined.

If we set our mind to it, we can do anything.