How to Determine Targets for Marketing and Public Relations.

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One of several definitions of public relations: public relations is a marketing tool which facilitates communication between a nonprofit organization and its targeted publics to the end that the various publics will learn about the organization and its programs and objectives, and be encouraged to be supportive and active or participating in various well defined ways.

The targeting of markets or publics for nonprofit organizations will flow from the marketing program and objectives and strategies of the organization. The targeting will flow from a consideration of the importance and priority of many alternative targets including the following:

1. The Board. The Board of Directors or Board of Trustees is often the most important single target or "public" for public relations goals and activities. It must not be assumed that even a majority of the Board is aware of organizational objectives and programs currently.

2. The staff. In a nonprofit organization with more than one staff member, the staff will normally be a priority target or public.

3. The volunteer community. Whether the volunteers are organized highly or not, the volunteer community probably will be a high priority market or public.

4. The Board of Advisors. If the nonprofit organization has a Board of Advisors or the equivalent, its members normally will be a priority target or public.

5. Donors. Public Relations targeting will almost always give priority to past donors or contributing organizations individuals, Foundations, businesses, governmental entities, service clubs and so forth. Key leaders within organizations will be a part of these targeted entities.

6. The natural constituency. Students, ticket holders, alumni, members, enrollees and others who have participated or who are participated, ¬within programs, performances, classes, special events and so forth will normally be a priority target or public for public relations activities.

7. The press. The print...