Determining Databases and Data Communication

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Understanding technology is important when managing companies that have computer technology as their backbone. Knowing this information helps the employees responsible for information management to make informed choices about how to implement technology. These decisions allow the manager to successfully use time and resources in apparently menacing tasks. This is shown in the two scenarios.

In the first scenario, a marketing assistant of a consumer electronics company is given the task of maintain booths for trade shows from the beginning to the end of the show, they are also responsible to solve any issues related to the product shipment that may arise. Knowing what information is important in making sure the right tools are used. Situations like those call for detailed lists of displays, equipment and booths are necessary, also how the equipment is going to be shipped and received. For example if a show is to be organized in Chicago with a requirement of one booth and display.

The marketing assistant musk be certain that the booth with the display must be brought to the location in time and also be taken down and shipped backed for future use in the company. With knowing what the tracking number from the post office is a tab can be kept on the package through all stages of transport.

Each show typically needs certain tools for maintaining information and tracking the equipment. Excel is a good way to start the tracking. However, it may not be useful with large sets of data and data that vary. A database maybe a more useful choice because it can store all types of data and the marketing assistant can generate reports for future reference while making changes (changing the shipment time to make sure it arrives on time) In cases like this where only one...