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Class Organizational LeadershipOctober 18, 2009Work Shop FourDetermining Your Perfect PositionFor this weeks paper we were asked to evaluate the self assessment and what are leadership style is. We are then to presume that the organization we are currently working for is expanding and restructuring their organization and we are to decide what position we would best fit into. First I will explain the expansion process. I will then address what leadership style I fall under and the participation of that style within the organization and at work, followed by the pro and cons of the style. I will then give examples of the leadership style. And finish with what position I would best fit into followed with a conclusion.

Expansion:The company I work for has decided to expand their operations by opening a second facility. Due to this opening they will need to put together a new production line which will include line workers, machine operators, supervisors, and managers.

They will also need to set up a warehouse crew beginning with pullers, fork lift operators, receiving and shipping clerks, supervisors and managers. Finally they will need to put in a place an experienced administration team. The team I fall under will be discussed later.

Leadership Style:After evaluating the assessment I feel that I fall under the Democratic Leadership. This Democratic style is one where you see everyone getting an equal vote both the leaders and the followers. However the leader will maintain the final decision making authority. This style is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of strength that most employees will respect. This style is generally the most effective leadership style, as the leader offers guidance to the team but also participates with the group (Lewin).

Style Participation:When you look at how decisions are made you...