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Leadership is "the process of influencing the activities of an organized group toward goal achievement." (Rauch & Behling, 1984, p. 46). Leaders are selected on the basis of their skills, character and potential which will help in enhancing the organizational performance. Organizations achieve goals by selecting and developing an individual who has leadership potential. Leadership should be characterized by flexibility and adaptability in the changing business world today. As a part of a major expansion and development plan, Cambridge University is now looking towards selecting and developing potential candidates, so that they become successful pillars of the company in the future and help lay a firm foundation for the growth of the organizationDetermining the type of leadershipAfter years of contemplation and service towards Cambridge University, I would now want to associate myself to do something that brings great value to the organization. I believe that I have achieved a sound knowledge of processes that are currently operating in the campus and wish to make use of it in helping to develop new candidates that join the organization.

Training and development is the key focus area, where you can nurture individuals to become successful in the years of their tenure in the company. Based on the assessments, I find myself to be concerned for both tasks and people. Therefore, I wish to be leading the enrollments department, which is one of the most challenging departments of the organization. Enrollment Counselors are the face of the company. They represent the University and greatly help in achieving both the student's educational goals as well as the organization goals and at the same time bring revenue to the organization. My leadership style is democratic, a mix of task oriented and people oriented leaders where I would spend more time on organizing, supporting and developing...