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September 2010

Leadership does not always command that he or she be are a manager. Leadership is a term that researchers have argued. According to Robbins and Judge "Leadership and management are two terms that are often confused" (Robbins & Judge 2007). Leaders are those who have the ability to influence a group toward achieving vision or a set of goals. Company goals are achieved by selecting those who have leadership potential not necessarily managerial skills.

Being concerned with not only tasks but people according to the assessments this style of leadership portrays trust, with room for improvement in the areas of discipline and delegating. A democratic style leadership in this current organization would fit well into the restructuring process in the title role of Director of Diversity Training and Education. The current structure does not have such a position and will create the position.

This position will bring value to the department and organization as well as align the company with the stated mission and vision.

This is a perfect position in that the leadership style works well with people, has time within the company for a number of years, understands the culture but has experienced the lack of diversity training throughout different departments. Understanding diversity in the workplace exhibiting diversity in the workplace will make the company a more compelling place to work shop and invest. The landscape represents diversity but the sensitivity to the diversity lacks, as the new Director mandatory training will take place starting at the senior level. Employees represent the leaders of the company not just the managers or him or herself. A department of trainers will be developed to provide the training while the Director will set...