Determining Your Perfect Position in Business

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AbstractThis paper discusses research which was undertaken to find the best job for the student writing this paper. A theoretical framework is developed from literature search and this is used by the author as the basis of the perfect job within a corporation. The researcher collected data within this framework and analyzed it according to the precepts laid down by earlier researchers in the field. The data is used to demonstrate that the chosen job is perfect for the author based on her leadership style .Conclusions are drawn regarding the usefulness of the chosen position within the organization.

Determining Your Perfect PositionThis paper discusses the opportunity allotted to the student writing this paper in terms of being able to choose the perfect position based on her knowledge, skills and leadership style. This paper also takes into consideration the importance of different leadership styles and the research behind it to help the student determine how to best choose her position within the organization.

The paper also discusses the importance of her position within the current business trend of globalization.

Most organizations recognize that in today's business climate, survival depends upon workforce capability and specifically, the quality of leadership and management. These places emphasize leadership and management qualities and the need for organizations to be highly proactive in identifying and developing their leadership talent. It is also essential that the individual managers can identify their individual abilities and limitations as well as those of their colleagues. In order to do this they must be able to perform a skills audit and use its results as a foundation for improving performance.

As a valued and seasoned employee, one is presented with the rare opportunity of determining the type of leadership position that best suits him or her. To some extent this opportunity would...