Determining Your Perfect Position Paper

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Determining Your Perfect Position Paper


In this week's individual assignment, I am given the opportunity to determine the position that would best suit myself in expanding and restructuring the company I am currently employed. The assignment requires me to describe and identify jobs in my current organization that would fit my leadership style, and how it would most benefit the company and be most successful. In the next couple of paragraphs, I will identify the strengths and weaknesses of my leadership style by applying what I have learned about myself through self-assessments. Furthermore, I will then compare and contrast leadership theories in the textbooks to gain understanding of relevant theories to my leadership approach.

Palomar-Pomerado Hospital

Palomar-Pomerado Hospital is one of the largest health care organizations in California that covers the north region of San Diego County. Palomar-Pomerado's mission states, "To heal, comfort, and promote health in the communities we serve" (Palomar-Pomerado Hospital, 2010).

For the past several years, the organization has been the health system of choice for patients as well as for the physicians and employees for their high quality of clinical care and services. The organization takes pleasure in providing the community with compassion, integrity, teamwork, innovation and creativity, excellence, and stewardship. As a lead central processor, I take pride in accomplishing the company's goals by utilizing my skills and experience, and ensuring the specimens are dealt in an accurate and timely manner.

Most Suitable Position

The most suitable position at Pomerado Hospital would be in the quality of leadership and management because I possess the necessary skills and I am qualified for the position. According to Clark, "leadership style is the manner and approach in providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people" (2008). I consider myself to...