The detrimental efects of TV on children

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With the adverting of technology in the recent age, all of aspects of life are changed entirely. It influenced even the most private affairs of people. Mass media is one of the most popular types of the technology. Besides very useful effects of it, TV can have detrimental influences on children and young adolescents. These destructive effects include their personal activities like lack of self confidence, spiritual tenses, lack of creativity and social activities like having trouble in communication, increase of violence in the society.

In personal dimension, watching TV for couple of hours a day can cause different detrimental effects like lack of self confidence. So much watching TV, deprive them from studying, and other creative activities. Such children are fed by concepts TV imposes them . In such a situation the child is bombed with information, without having enough time to digest them. TV teaches them how to think how to act and even how to feel.

Such a child may feel lots of contrasts, while there is no other activity in order to release him from nerve racking TV programs. As a matter of fact children let TV to think for them and it gradually will form their thinking styles. When such a child become a grown up person, his/her mind is washed up with the TV education. The consequences of it will be indicated in the future. As he/She hasn't learned how to decide for himself, he may suffer from lack of self confidence from which was deprived in the past

On the other hand children who waste more time for watching TV, are more sensible to loose their creativity. In the past, when there was no TV and mass media, children were taught to create their own entertainment. They had to learn...