Detrimental Technolgoy

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Technology has become almost impossible to live without in modern society. It impacts the world immensely and changes constantly with better and improved features. Social networking allows communication at remarkable speeds, research sites readily give a wide range of information, and specialized programs permits the exchange of money in the form of bytes; however, one may ask if these aspects of technology are truly helping society. This is an issue vehemently debated over, and some believe that it gives many advantages to mankind while others believe that it only causes harm. Whereas both sides of the issue can be argued, it is undeniably clear that technology is more detrimental to society than it is beneficial. Technology attacks privacy, decreases social skills, and causes overdependence.

Some may argue that technology can be beneficial in the sense that it grants officials the ability to access information on criminals and protect the community.

It is true that DNA could be tested as evidence in crime cases and the internet could be used to check heavy crime-ridden areas; however, personal information can be accessed so easily to the point that it is questioned. What is meant to keep citizens safe can actually become a public threat. Today it is so simple to wire-tap into phones to listen to conversations or obtain one's address and personal information through a few clicks of the mouse. Reports indicate the increased acts of phishing, or attaining personal information by disguising as a trustworthy-looking company. With the increased use of social media, more information is accessible than users realize. While technology has its ability to protect people, there are many more dangers in the use of modern technology that many are unaware of.

With the advances in technology come faster communication and improved social media networks. These allow people...