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Deutschland über alles, Germany above all. This was the main political ideology of Kaiser’s empire and German army during the world war one. With Hitler coming to power, German ideology and understanding of the outside world had to change, had to adapt to Hitler’s ideas, his beliefs, his insanity. Hitler introduced a new ideology: “Deutsch über jeden. Deutsch über allen Rennen”, which in translation means “Germans above everyone. Germans above all races.” Hitler’s ideology was a radical right wing political, social, economic and military policy. He introduced such elements as corporatism, strong militarism, extreme nationalism and racism. By establishing a fascist government Hitler made all German citizens into “slaves” of the state. Hitler’s Mein Kampf discuses many aspects of German fascism, but Hitler’s views on political ideology, extreme militarism and anti-Semitism make him one of the most radical leaders in history.

When Adolf Hitler started writing Mein Kampf in Munich’s jail, he thought of himself as a next supreme leader of German race.

He believed that he will be able to provide Germans with enough living space and make German state a superior unified body which will rule other races. The first thing that was on his way to achieve Mein Kampf’s “utopia” was democratic Weimar’s republic. By his nature Hitler never believed in democracy and free market. In the opening chapters of Mein Kampf Hitler wrote: “Thank the Lord, Germanic democracy means just this: that any old climber or moral slacker cannot rise by devious paths to govern his national comrades, but that, by the very greatness of the responsibility to be assumed, incompetents and weaklings are frightened of.” (Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler) Even though Hitler thought that only the strongest person should rule the master race, he understood that in order to get the power in Germany initially,