Devastating Effects of Deforestation of the Amazon

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The Amazon rain forest is number one when it comes to size topping the scales at a baffling 2.3 million square miles situated mostly in Brazil (Salas 9). Many of the world's rare and endangered plants and animals abide there. This important ecosystem is getting destroyed by the many trees that logging companies cut down. The deforestation of the Amazon has a negative effect on animals, people, and the world.

The deforestation of the Amazon has bad effects on endangered animals such as the harpy eagle who live and depend on the Amazon. For every acre of rain forest there are about 20 to 100 different species of plants and animals living there ( Salas 13). The cutting down of trees destroys their habitat forcing them to move or die. When they die the forest's ecosystem becomes unbalanced which has a domino effect on other animals and plants (Warburton 27).

The Amazon's loss of wild life takes its toll on Brazil's economy which depends on the Amazon as a tourist attraction as well as the sale of animals, plants, and other products.

Relying on the prophet that comes from selling plants like periwinkle, that are used to cure diabetes, Brazil's government tries to use the money to protect the rain forest. We also depend on the Amazon for many of its fruits (like bananas), vegetables, and other natural resources. Without the forest we would not be able to enjoy all these wonderful produce that make life pleasurable. Also the Amazon is like a natural laboratory with many mysteries still left to uncover that may make a great difference in the lives of humans (Warburton 69).

Many resources that the Amazon has to offer may only be found there or in the few tropical rain forests around the world.