Devastation Overseas: The Tsunami in SouthEast Asia:

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On December 26th, Indonesia, Sumatra Island, and the surrounding land were devastated by a giant tidal wave that hit them. I can only imagine how it would be if a tidal wave hit the metro area. I imagine you would be able to see for miles because all of the trees and buildings would be knocked flat down. I also imagine it would be almost impossible to walk because all the land has been turned into mud or has been covered by massive amounts of water creating temporary new lakes.

I would feel very lucky but very sad if I had been a survivor of this type of catastrophe. While I may have survived, my friends or family may have not. I would look around and see other families mourning the loss of their loved ones trying to figure out how would they go on in life without maybe their son, daughter, husband, wife, mother, father, or even your lifelong best friend.

So you can have very mixed feelings if you survive being killed but people you know didn't.

Our family would have lost some very important things if we were hit by a tidal wave. First of all, we would lose our house and all our prized belongings in it. We would lose all our clothing and we would also lose very important paperwork like birth certificates, social security cards, and other things that could prove our residence was legal in USA. Also we would lose our car because it would either be ruined because of all the water or it would have been washed away.

I would cope really bad if I had to step over hundreds of dead bodies looking for my friends and family. I can hardly cope with seeing someone in a funeral...