Developemental stages of Georges Life from "Life as a House" the movie

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Running Head: An excerpt into the life of George

Abstract: This is basically an in depth take on George's life and how he reacted to his diagnoses. It goes through some of his crucial developmental stages in his life and how his character morphed. It also describes his emotions, personality, and what motivated him to change into the person he became after his diagnoses.

In the movie "Life as a House", the central character that the movie tends to evolve around is George. This particular character learns early in the movie that he is diagnosed with a terminal cancer and has only a short time to live. Before he is informed of his misfortune we are given hindsight into a bit of his past and learn that he was quite a troubled person. In the opening scene he is urinating off a cliff that belongs to his property on the beach front.

Certain examples such as this display his inner self and portray him as a careless slob that has been conditioned to be this was and is a bit stuck in his ways. After his little trip to the hospital however, he transforms into a completely different character. He goes through many changes and learns not to take life for granted.

Later on in the movie the audience is informed of Georges deeply troubled past that he straightforwardly describes to his rebellious son. He tells his son Sam on a couple occasions that his father used to emotionally, mentally and physically hurt him. George tells Sam how his father would always ridicule him on anything he could think of so that he could feel better about himself. George also explained that be was obviously emotionally scarred from the many times his father hurt his feelings and would...