The Developemet and Change of Katarina's Character during the film "Ten Things I Hate about You"

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This is an essay on the changes and developments of Katarina Stratford throughout the course of the film

Over the course of the film "Ten Things I Hate about You" both Katarina Stratford and Patrick Verona's characters have changed and developed due to the situations and experiences that both have been involved in. The conflicts experienced by Katarina Stratford have developed and affected both her judgement and her characters outlook on life.

The main development of Kats character is her changing perceptions of men. Initially she is not interested in any relationship with any men at all. This is because of her one catastrophic past relationship with Joey the result of which is to make her decide she will never allow any male to tell her what to do again. During the film Patrick Verona makes several unabashed attempts to woo Kat, such as 'chatting her up' at her favourite nightclub and impressing her with a personalized singing performance.

This makes Kat begin to realise that perhaps giving a relationship with Patrick a chance is a worthwhile risk. When spending time with Patrick, Kat sees how companionship can be enjoyable and doesn't always have to be about making a statement. Their casual fun at The Paintball Arena is a good example of this. Kats newly found acceptance of relationships is a start to her building a new outlook on life.

This change in Kats' outlook on life and social interactions is the other main development of her character. Kat is introduced as a self righteous wretch who's outlook on any social gathering is described as 'a way to distract themselves from their pathetic consumer-driven lives'. She then realises that she does not always have to do everything different in order to...