Developing and Understanding Curricula

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A Critical Analysis Of The Curriculum Issues Involved In Course Design Or Re-Design


Curriculum is often seen as a body of knowledge, the content of education to which the students need to be exposed. But curriculum is much wider than a list of subjects to be studied; it is not only what you say but how you say it! (Rogers, 2002, p 206)

Prior to any training or instruction I believe a detailed and structured syllabus is an essential part of any curriculum. The curriculum is a complex thing which contains all the planned events, both seen and hidden, that a learner will be subjected to. It should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it remains interesting, relevant and is in keeping with all training objectives laid down by the controlling bodies. In this instance the controlling body is Director Royal Marines (DRM) whom are indirectly responsible for the senior command course and ultimately for the end product i.e.

the qualified student. I will go on in this assignment to look at a number of contributory factors concerning curriculum planning and how they are adapted by the military, specifically the senior command course.

Maintain effective links with appropriate agencies to enhance curriculum delivery. (FENTO Standards B3.b.)

Before any syllabus is planned or prepared there are certain aspects a teacher or curriculum designer need to be aware of and these apply to national, vocational and further education curriculum. The designer must be able to identify number of important factors and then build them into the curriculum. Significantly to relate to learners' past and present background, and experience that may be accommodated within a learning programme. These 3 questions by Russell and Latcham (1979) sum up the fundamental questions:

*What is it that we want the student to learn?...