Developing Good Business Sense

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Axia College of University of PhoenixJessica SvorinichMost of the time, consumers do not know the process the products they buy go through to get on to the store shelf. Most companies have a very planned and cost-effective process to bring goods to customers. Each and every company will use different operating systems, although some companies will develop an operating system similar to another successful business. I chose to observe and analyze IN-N-OUT Burger, a fast food hamburger restaurant, Wal-Mart, a large discount retailer, and our local Valero gas station. Each business aims to satisfy customers with a different service or product, but may have similar operating systems in place and Operations and Materials Management (OMM) costs. Regardless of how each of these companies are run, the main goal is to satisfy the customer, be more profitable, and ultimately make a profit to become one of the most successful companies around.

The employee's at IN-N-OUT Burger work as a team in order to provide the companies fresh meals at a competitive time for fast food restaurants. Each employee is assigned to a different work station, whether it be the cash register, drive-thru window, burger grill or garnishments. Their communication is key as well as their team work skills.

The employee's at Wal-Mart have a common goal and it is to make the customer happy and provide an easy and convenient place to shop. This is the only store I have been to that provides a door greeter that is simply employed to greet the customers, showing them just how friendly of a place this is to shop. Each employee is assigned to a department and in time they have the skills mastered to be a professional in their area. They can assist the customers with whatever they may be looking...