Developing a Quality Workforce.

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In a Harvard Business Review article entitled "What Really Works," some of the main points raised by the authors focused on specific business practices. When it comes to

improving business performance, managers have no particular strategies or techniques in which to choose from.They just have to be smart enough to know what works!

According to the authors, managers should develop a 4+2 formula in order to sustain

superior performance within their companies. The 4+2 formula consists of four primary

management practices: strategy, execution, culture, and structure. And they supplemented

their great skills in those areas with a mastery of any two of four secondary management

practices: talent, leadership, innovation, and mergers and partnerships (Nohria, Joyce, &

Roberson, 2005).

In yet another section of the article, the authors talk about top notch customer service.

We all know that good customer service can be the determining factor on whether or not

your company succeeds or fails.

They state, in so many words, that companies

positioning themselves for the mass market can provide outstanding customer-employee

interactions and profit from them, if they train employees to reflect the company's core

values. Some key points raised included principles that most firms should consider in

order to promote a strong customer service atmosphere. They advise that companies

should know what they are looking for before beginning the hiring process. Knowing a

potential candidates intrinsic traits allows the company to hire people who will naturally

bring the right qualities to the job (Nohria, Joyce, & Roberson, 2005).

It is extremely important that today's managers make the most of talent. Talent is

generally viewed as a commodity. You should also create pride in the brand that you are

marketing. Service quality depends directly on employees' attachment to the brand.

Employees need a clear understanding of how...