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Problem of poverty can be linked to various human rights e.i. right to food, water, housing, health care, ….As I start writing this memo I am thinking of how poverty is one of the biggest and most difficult challenges that people experience around the world today. How can we decrease or even eradicate the effects of poverty for millions of people? What are the possibilities for doing so? How far have we come and what work yet needs to be done. I am also thinking about the changes that have happen over the time regarding extreme poverty, if those changes can be attributed to social actions, foreign aid, effectiveness of human rights or not. There are new approaches to conquering poverty. e.i. randomized experiments, or in other words, randomized controlled trials. With this method social scientists and NGO's are attacking the problem by taking small step measures that are being tested along the way in order to assure that what they are doing in fact has a positive effect on the problem being solved.

There are big challenges and small experiments.

According to many scientists and researches in the field of poverty, extreme poverty is very closely linked to the problem of inequality. Poverty becomes much more of a concern and problem to those who are not living in it as further away they are from the conditions of poverty. Because, as inequality grows persistence of extreme poverty becomes more morally, economically, politically and socially unacceptable. Inequality has also grown in the last decades in the industrialized world.

African + American article - inequality.

Many occupy movements have grown out of outrage regarding the facts that a very small fraction of the world population has a great accumulation of wealth while on the other side, a great numbers of people...