Development and how to make a world a better place

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Define development and how it is measured

Development is the process where something has advanced or progressed into a more advanced stage. International Development has the goal that poverty should be reduced. International Development rebuilds an economy that has been ruined or impacts all sort of important factors needed for a nation's well being. This is not a short-term process instead it tries to solve several problems over several decades or more. International Development is usually measured in two different ways. Most people prefer GNP or known as gross national product because it is easier to understand. HDI is another of these measurements of developments and is viewed as more accurate to experts.

GNP is more inaccurate because it only gives the average of how much each person has in the nation. It is only an average and extremes like billionaires can overwhelm the poorest people in the country. It is generally known that half the world lives on 2 US dollars everyday.

Perhaps there might be a rich country in GNP merely by the fact that some people are extremely rich and can easily increase the GNP even though the poverty stricken people outnumber the rich.

The human development index contains three indexes that partly measure the countries development. Life Expectancy Index, Education Index and GDP Index. Life Expectancy Index shows an average of the maximum amount of years a person can live in the country. Education Index shows how many people are literate and another complicated factor of GEI. GEI is the Gross Enrolment Index. The Gross Enrolment Index combines primary, second and tertiary gross enrolment ratio. According to the Human Development Report Website that is part of the UNDP explained,' The number of students enrolled in a level of education, regardless of age, as a...