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What Is Art? -An In-Depth Analysis- Human?s have always struggled to express themselves. Art, is considered by many to be the ultimate form of human expression. Many assume that art has a definition, but this is not the case. Art, it can be said, is ?in the eye of the beholder.? This simply means that what you consider art, someone else would not. Art is part of a person?s internal emotions, which signifies why different people see art as different things. Every type of culture and era presents distinctive and unique characteristics. Different cultures all have different views of what art can, and would be, causing art itself to be universally renowned throughout the world.

The first art to be recorded was done by the early Egyptians who used it as a form of communication and to signify their religious beliefs. Their beliefs were centered around their many Gods which helped in aiding their visual representations.

What made Egyptian art unique, was that every picture told a story of an important event in the society, which helps us study who they were as a people, and what their life struggles were. This primitive form of art laid the ground- work for the many types of art which would follow it.

The next important era was the time of Greek art. Their work was greatly influenced by the Egyptians. Their early art was very geometric in shape and glorified Gods and people in their works. Eventually as time progressed, they began to soften their edges and lines and concentrate on the human form, which they considered the most beautiful of all creation.

Christian art was the next big leap for art. This art was more colorful and displayed vivid images and scenes. The introduction of the mosaic was probably the...