Development of a company network: Adventures-in-RV's.

Essay by mezziah November 2005

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After the initial evaluation and looking at operations we have discovered a strong need to come to grips with technology and start looking at a better way of doing business in this new century. While examining operations we have discovered many things. All tracking of recreational vehicles, RVs, is done manually with clipboard posted to a wall in customer service center, located in the front lot, a wall in main office building, at the rear of the lot, and the wall of the maintenance shop, located next to the main office building. The clipboards hold all data about the RVs on the lot from vehicle specifications to consumer information and all scheduling and tracking information.

Potential prospects will come to the customer service center and inquire about availability of RV's. Customer service then has search through the clipboards and show prospect vehicles available that will suit their needs. When a sale is made all consumer information is taken and a walk-through inspection of the vehicle, to be released, is preformed upon departure and arrival.

During the walk-through, mileage and any visual damage is noted. When a rental is returned housekeeping will go and thoroughly clean the RV, the maintenance shop may check to see if the vehicle is due for service, and then it is prepared for the next customer. This manual tracking process is very costly and an automated process would greatly increase productivity, efficiency, and reduce overhead cost.


To help automate this process a network of computers will be set up to link all the departments together. This network will improve communication between departments, allow access to a database, with the same tracking information held by the clipboards and streamline business operations. Every department will need a computer and access to the internal network. To ensure...