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Career Development Plan Part 1 - Job Analysis and SelectionInterClean, Inc. (University of Pheonix, 2008a) is facing two major changes. One change is within its structure and the other is within its business strategy. Seeing changes in the compliance regulations that InterClean's customers are facing, the company sees an opportunity for becoming the first to offer a full service solution, not just a cleaning product. In addition, the company is in the process of merging with EnviroTech, a smaller firm but specializes in service whereas InterClean has previously focused only on products. The marriage of the two will capitalize on both firm's strengths and move InterClean in supporting the new business strategy.

As part of the merger and new business strategy, it becomes necessary to reorganize the company to accommodate both staff and create new sales teams. To determine the staffing needs of the sales department it also becomes necessary to evaluate the sales position.

Since the business strategy has dramatically changed, the sales position has dramatically changed as well. New job analyses and workforce plans need to be created and new teams selected.

Job AnalysisA job analysis "usually includes information about the tasks to be done on the job, as well as the personal…necessary to do the tasks." (Cascio, 2006 p. 158 ¶ 3) Job analyses consist of two parts: a job description, which is a description of task requirements, and a job specification, which outlines worker requirements (Cascio, 2006 p. 158 ¶ 4).

To study job analysis the standard methods available are job performance, observation, interview, critical incidents, and structured questionnaires. Each method has different strengths and limitations and when used in conjunction are a powerful set of tools. For the purpose of this job analysis, I believe that job performance, observation, and interviews are...