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Sims Cover Sheet

Project Logo

School of Information Management and Systems

IMS 2401 Developing Multimedia Systems

Assignment 2: Development Plan


Product: Multimedia Web Page (Second - Hand Book Exchange)


Due Date: Friday 25th May 2003

Students: Tom McGrath




Lecturer: Jenny Blain

Tutor: Jintesh Jain

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary

"Getitonline" is business project created by McGrath, Inc., that endeavors to bridge the financial gap students experience at the beginning of each university or school semester. Getitonline aims to provide students and parents alike with a centralised space where the selling and purchasing of second - hand university and school books can be undertaken with a minimum amount of effort and hassle. By providing a central point for both advertisement and sales, as well as giving the user the control over book prices and money exchanges, "Getitonline" will positively address the greatest set - back of any education; cost.

After successfully being awarded the tender for the creation of the web page, McGrath Inc., now wishes to initiate the development plan that will provide the necessary guidelines for the implementation and subsequent launch of the web based multimedia project.

Ultimately Getitonline aims not only to offer the user a great service by way of the second hand book exchange, it also aspires to offer the user the best in multimedia applications. Graphical Representations of the book will be available as well as a short abstract and a small portion of the text. For sight impaired users an audio recording of the text will be available for downloading and reviewing. As well as offering users the chance to see the product that they are buying, the user will have the ability to set the price they believe the text is worth as well as define...