Development of a Training and Mentoring Program

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Developing a strong training and mentoring program is a key success factor for Interclean's success. Moreover, an important part of any hiring process is to select employees that can train others, which will ultimately help Interclean succeed.

A mentoring program allows access to knowledge that may not otherwise be shared. Mentors are able to show other employees both tangible and intangible things that have value within and outside the organization. These reasons are why Interclean is developing a training and mentoring program. This ensures that Interclean's will consistently employ top-notch people in their company. Interclean is making its number one goal to offer its employees a first class training and mentoring program that takes into account future company success and the employees well being. In this paper we will discuss multiple ways for improving Interclean's training and mentoring program.

Needs:As a result of the merger of the sales teams, the organization has done a lot of work in order to prepare for new employees.

Additionally, choosing the mentoring needs of each new employee being hired has been challenging. It is important that the team be educated with the necessary tools required and be prepared for the challenges set forth. The new sales team will consist of members from InterClean, and members from the EnviroTech, and in order for each of the members to get up to speed the organization is going to need an effective training program. This process will alleviate and create an organization that leaves its bad habits behind and starts anew.

The current sales team is made up of four members from the EnviroTech, who all have superior and effective customer service skills with sales experience. They are used to creating relationships with the customers and are knowledgeable in customer service skills. Even though these employees have...