The Development of the United States

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During the early twentieth century, and the nineteen forties, war raged in Europe, and in many parts of the world. During the years that followed the world wars, Americans flourished, Began new traditions, and altered the course of American History.

After the First World War, American GI’s came home with radical new philosophies on how to live, act, dress and live. This decade became known as the roaring twenties, during that time period business bloomed, and many people became very wealthy. Manny new inventions were created during the 20’s such as the refrigerator, washing machine, motion picture films, Hennery Ford’s Model-T and radios became very popular. As well as being the first to make something others were in a frenzy to do something that had never been attempted by another person. Although some became legends through the ages such as Babe Ruth, and Charles Lindenburg, others make their fame in such absurd ways like Alvin Shipwreck Kelly by sitting on a flagpole for over twenty-three days.

Although many people were out to make a name for themselves, and distinguish themselves as their own person this was not true for most people living after the Second World War.

In the nineteen fifties although America had been successful in disposing of Nazism, communism was a big fear, and was the cause of 3 wars, Korea, Vietnam, and the cold war, with the Soviet union. During this time Americans thought it was wrong to be different, so a code from everything to dress, to the way wives were so post to great their husbands at the door was established, and followed by most to the letter. During the fifties, the Soviets, and the Americans were head long in the space race. The Americans has to catch up to the Soviet Union who had...