Developmental and Personality Concepts.

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Applying developmental and personality concepts to some personal traits that I felt are central to my own personality for PSY 200.


As like most children I grew up seeing the way of the world through the eyes of my parents, needless to say they had the most influence that shaped my identity. My mother and father taught me how to walk, how to talk, how to read, how to write, they taught me right from wrong and most importantly how to be myself. As I watched my parents go to work Monday through Friday, spend quality time with me on the weeknights, relax and have friends over on the weekends, and go to Church on Sunday mornings I started to realize what I had to do and how I had to start acting in life. My parents would also remind me that as long as I tried my hardest and put great efforts into the task at hand I could succeed.

Knowing that I try to accomplish everything I can with no fear of failure. Their positive influences on me as I grew up has allowed me not to fear life but to welcome every new day and do the best I can to get through it. The way my parents raised me and the beliefs I learned over the years allow me not to think any less of myself as an individual in any situation. They made me realize that no matter how many people are surrounding me I am unique and not to let others drag you down.

My Personality

After taking numerous personality tests, offered through my company and classes I have attended, it has been determined that I have an analytical personality style. After analyzing myself and the actions I take it makes sense.