Deviance and the Sociological Analysis of The Godfather Part I

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15 October 2013

Deviance and the Sociological Analysis of The Godfather Part I

In Mario Puzo's The Godfather Part I, the Corleone family demonstrates

deviance when one compares it to the society that contains no organized crime

influence. Deviance is also shown through different members of the family as well as

other characters introduced throughout the course of the movie. By watching the

portrayal of the overall Corleone family one can see how structure is formed from

home life to crime life, and one can also see that social conflict can arise through the

danger promoted by the family "business." The Corleone family has two branches:

the crime family and the home family. Some characters may be involved in one

Corleone family but not the other, and some people may belong to both. At some

points, the reasons why the separations occur cause conflicts between the members

of the family. A key influence of the Corleone family is the act of being a family. Other

major influences are the drive for revenge, the need for respect, and the demand for

justice. All of these influencing factors pull the Corleone family down the road of

deviance, and digs them the pit of everlasting vengeance.

To begin with, organized crime involves the sale of illegal goods and services.

These can include prostitution, drugs, and gambling. In The Godfather Part I, the

Corleone family was connected with both gambling and drugs whether or not they

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wanted to be. The Corleone family was known to be involved in, and it was quoted by

the eldest son, Sonny Corleone, that the family is in gambling and the unions. This

was said when Sonny was pitching the idea of involving the family in the drug...