Deviant Behavior

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Give an example of a human behavior that is considered deviant in one society but is not considered deviant in others. What are the factors that have contributed to this society's perspective of the deviant behavior? Why does this society consider the behavior to be deviant but other societies do not?One man having more than one wife can be a deviant behavior depending on who is looking at it. "The Mormon belief is that polygamy is holy and was practiced commonly in ancient times" (Longaker, 1995). Within a Mormon society having more than one wife is not only natural it is expected in most cases. However in other societies some believe it is not only wrong but against the law. The law can be tricky at times especially when it involves religion because as long as a man is following the Mormon faith he can have more than one wife I believe.

o When a crime is committed by someone who has a powerful status in this society, how is their deviant behavior handled in comparison to someone who has less power in society?I believe when someone commits a crime like sexual assault people are treated differently depending on their status. For the most part depending on the seriousness of the crime people with power and money can make it go away while others have to suffer the consequences of their actions. However, there are cases of powerful people doing things and the justice system makes an example out of them by giving them the worst punishment. I think it can also depend on the lawyer a person receives because there are good lawyers that take cases to build their image, especially when the accused does not have the means for a good lawyer.

ReferencesJessica Longaker (March 27, 1995).